What are the Favorite Photoshop Plugins of Photographers?

When it comes to photographs, you must have appropriate Photoshop plugins for the ultimate outcomes.

Ask any professional photographer, and they will agree that they use the plugins which are mentioned below.

Every different plugin is used for a distinct purpose that makes any picture look remarkable.

Hence, if you want to have the best editing outcomes, check out the list of best photoshop plugins and what you can do with it!

  • Retouching photographs


Have problems with your skin in the photo?

Using Portraiture, you can get the ultimate skin texture. It eliminates complex masking and healing brush. Also, it does all this without affecting any detail of the facial structure.

This plugin automatically smoothens your skin in the picture by removing blemishes. Moreover, the default setting in this plugin is so apt that you don’t need to make any changes.

Most photographers opt for this tool as its interface is user-friendly but provides everything you require for your work. It will cost you approx $200.

It’s a good investment if you want to have the professional result at the end by using the best photoshop plugins.

  • Removing objects and transforming backgrounds

Fluid Mask

Do you believe in magic?

You will when you start using this plugin. Fluid Mask magically assists in backgrounds disappearing from pictures.

It is amazing at handling transparent objects. It makes an in-depth section easy. Within minutes this plugin can cut any unwanted object from the background. This is why it’s one of the best photoshop plugins.

This is ideally loved by graphic designers, photo-compositors, or people having a knack for making memes. This costs approx $100.

Try this plugin, and it will save your precious time!

  • Color and Contrast

Color Efex Pro

This plugin is a part of Nik Tools Suite, is what every professional photographer prefers for adjusting colors in a photograph.

From portrait, the filter runs gamut and creative landscapes. Moreover, it is stackable as well as you can use different ones in distinct areas of photo simultaneously.

Now if you love capturing landscapes through your camera lens, then its filter for tonal contrast is worth experimenting with.

Also, Color Efex Pro’s detail extractor is one of the best photoshop plugins available on market.

Also, the best part is that it’s free of cost!

  • Noise reduction


This plugin is also from Nik Collection!

This is efficient and less complicated than using Photoshop. It is the ultimate tool if you are looking to adjust a picture’s contrast and also reduce the amount of color noise individually.

The noise reduction feature in this plugin is applied only when an image has a noise element in it. Using Nik’s trademark points for controlling all effects of filters without the need for mask usage.

Like Nik’s other filters, this one is free too. It is one of the best photoshop plugins for photographers.

  • Light effects

Glow in Studio

This plugin comes from Topaz suite which provides everything from ethereal light which is subtle to bright, brilliant lights whichever you require for the ultimate light effects.

It has a unique Glow adjustment in itself. Also, its HSL Color Tuning offers saturation, luminance, and hues which if used correctly will make any photograph unforgettable for its viewers.

It is ideal if you love to be creative and want intense images. It will help you push your limits to make something extraordinary! Also, it costs approx $70.

  • Lens Effect

Topaz Lens Effect

There are many lens effect photoshop plugins available on the market today.

However, Topaz Lens Effects is superior to all as it offers remarkable bokeh, motion blur, tilt-shift, polarization, vignettes, and other effects which you can get from a lens.

Its effects vary and depending on an individual, he/she can use subtle or extreme ones.

If you need filters which are expensive, then this plugin will do the job flawlessly.

Also, if your camera is cheap and requires selective focusing then applying bokeh effect makes lens mimic faster. Hence, people refer to it as one of the best photoshop plugins.

Moreover, it will cost you approx $80.

  • Artistic Effects

Filter Forge 7

Why should you use Filter Forge 7? Because it comes with more than 12,000 effects and textures for users to use.

Another big selling point of this photoshop plugins is that you can use it on still photographs as well as motion pictures.

Note: You don’t require any coding or programming knowledge for creating filters!

If you are not into making new images or content, this might not seem so spectacular to you. However, if you create your material and work with 3D, then this plugin is a must have.

The best photoshop plugins for photographers!

You can get the basic version approx at $150.

  • High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR Imaging)

Aurora HDR

This is one of the best HDR plugins which you can use. Moreover, it is also available as standalone program.

It has all the advanced, but easy editing process which makes any image or video either look natural or wild; anyone way you desire.

Most professionals prefer Aurora HDR because it easily offers you to edit pictures and videos which would have a natural look. Hence this is one of the best photoshop plugins.

Also, it consists of several blend modes, layering, lens correction and outstanding presets. It will approx cost you $100.

So, if you are into HDR photography, try this product asap!

  • Enlargement


This plugin uses an algorithm that is fractal-based for resizing images. There is a distinct difference which professionals who use this notice. Hence it’s the best photoshop plugins for photographers.

What makes this unique is the tilling feature which permits you to classify your pictures into triptychs, diptychs or mosaics. It will help you a lot if you’re into installation of creative arts.

Furthermore, it also comes with a feature called Gallery Wrap which makes extended margins that prevent losing any portion of a photograph when printing for canvas.

Every professional photographer dabbles with these plugins. The plugins in this list are the best money can buy.

So, if you are searching for the best photoshop plugins to use for your image editing purpose, choose the ones which you require most for your work.

Don’t waste time! Get these and start working with these today.

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