Take a Look at Benefits and Drawbacks of Lightroom and Photoshop

You and everyone else in the world know this very well, that for quite some time Photoshop has been the sole software which could fulfill your editing needs.

It is still mostly around the world by people if they need to do some editing of images. Hence, most refers to it as the champion of editing work.

However, with time more software is coming up, and one of them is the Lightroom. Most professionals are trying to review these two and understand which the better one is.

So, to provide you with all the details, the blog discusses the difference between Lightroom and photoshop!

So, check it below!

Lightroom- Picture editing program

To understand Lightroom, you need to know about in detail first.

Lightroom is a program which assists in editing and managing images. Using this software/application, you can work on your pictures from processing to importing to organizing and sorting. It also offers the option of exporting and sharing the end product on the internet.

Lightroom is a program which is workflow-centric. It means that the developers designed it in a way which makes working with numerous photos easy and quick.

A fun fact:

What you might not be aware of is that this is created by Adobe, the developers who made Photoshop.

Now let’s have a look at strengths as well as weaknesses of this program in detail to understand its function better! It will also aid in learning difference between Lightroom and photoshop.


  1. Workflow efficiency

This program covers almost all steps included in the post-production procedure.

You can easily import pictures, images tagged with keywords, RWA processing performance, organize collections, print photos, create slideshows, make web galleries, print photos, also share finished product on Flickr and Facebook.

Into this straightforward program, Adobe included numerous practical features for fulfilling your entire requirements.

  1. Raw File Processing

Lightroom comes with similar Adobe Raw Camera engine that is there in Photoshop. However, in this program, the interface on which it is presented is much better. This is a significant difference between Lightroom and Photoshop.

What you will love about Lightroom are the quick adjustments you can make such as contrast, saturation, exposure, etc.

Moreover, you can play with noise reduction, sharpening of image, crop, add vignettes or split toning along with burning effects and creative dodging application with brush’s adjustment.

  1. Anybody can learn it

This program is a global program that focuses on adjusting an entire image. Hence, it makes Lightroom easier for people to learn.

Furthermore, its interface design is constructed in such a way that you can work on images in logical manners. It’s another difference between Lightroom and photoshop.

  1. Presets

Lightroom comes with presets like Photoshop’s actions.

Only difference is that it doesn’t save the step’s sequence for processing a photo like in Photoshop. Instead, the presets record how you configured all adjustment sliders.

Being less flexible you don’t have the option of controlling opacity easily. However, to tune the look remarkably, you can quickly make adjustments individually to sliders.

Also, you will save a lot of time to apply preset to various images. Photoshop carries every single step individually on each picture as the actions depend on steps.

When it comes to Lightroom, you can simultaneously apply presets on multiple images which make this program efficient. This is a substantial difference between Lightroom and Photoshop.

  1. Reasonable

Lightroom will cost you approx $300 which is quite high, but when compared to Photoshop, it is quite affordable.


  • Only photos

This program is specially designed for you to edit images. However, you can use Photoshop for various graphics work and not just pictures. This difference between Lightroom and photoshop makes Photoshop vital to photographers.

  • Image manipulation

If your work requires stitching images together, combining pictures or any other type of massive photo manipulation, then Photoshop is your only option.

Though this program works adequately for making images’ global adjustments,  editing on pixel level will require Photoshop.

  • Retouching images

Slight retouching is applicable in Lightroom. However, you will face a lot of difficulties if you need to retouch extensively. The necessary speed and superior tune control are not present in this program.

If you are even looking to retouch photos moderately, you have to go to Photoshop where healing spot brush and clone stamp permits retouching efficiently and in a better way than you can in here.

Retouching marks a significant difference between Lightroom and photoshop.


Now let’s take a look at Photoshop in detail!

This software is an image editor that is pixel based. When using Photoshop for editing images, you have outstanding control which means you can even handle individual pixels.

Note: Pixels refer to tiny dots which are combined together to create a photograph!

Without further ado, have a look at Photoshop’s numerous benefits and drawbacks which will give you a better about lightroom vs photoshop.


  • Opacity and Layers

On the layers’ principal Photoshop works. It permits you to create different adjustment layers as well as manage their opacity which is that layer’s intensity.

This offers you to have the ideal control over how your image would look.

  • Retouching pictures

Retouching photos is an excellent option on Photoshop. You can whiten teeth, remove blemishes, removing stray hairs, remove garbage, Under eyes bag reduction, or changing any other particular portion of a picture.

All these can be achieved quickly if you use this software. 

Moreover, it comprises powerful tools such as spot healing brush, patch tool, and clone stamp; all these make retouching powerful and a rapid process. This difference between Lightroom and photoshop makes this program much superior to others.

  • Actions

This function aids you to record steps’ sequence in Photoshop. It means all you require is pressing a button and services are carried out automatically. This is a crucial point when discussing lightroom vs photoshop.

For example, you can make an action where it duplicates current layers automatically and also adds an adjustment layer of curves for creating contrast. Utilizing action will assist you to perform such manual steps automatically which in turn will save your time.

Actions are intricate, and the whole editing industry has been creating as well as selling them.

Since Photoshop offers a sharp learning curve, purchasing instant action to get various effects is quite a standard notion for multiple professional photographers.

You should know about this when discussing photoshop vs Lightroom.

  • Content-Aware Fill

This amazing feature of Photoshop is used in different ways. You can utilize it to move distracting materials from a picture like removing buildings, signs, etc.

It also aids in artificially extend or stretch a picture. It is an essential point when going through Lightroom vs photoshop.


  • Sheer learning curve

You can now understand that Photoshop offers detailed control of images. Hence, learning when and how to use every single feature is tricky and quite overwhelming especially if you have low patience.

  • Expensive

Photoshop is a costly program. It will cost you approx $700. Price is a colossal factor when comparing notes on photoshop vs Lightroom.

  • Unable to edit raw files

If you plan to shoot on RAW structure or format, then you would require Lightroom before transferring it to Photoshop. If you don’t use Lightroom then in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) you need for processing your images.

Now that you have an idea about the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop, choose the one which you require on a daily basis. This blog shows every aspect of both the programs so that you can choose wisely.

So, select the one which you need for editing today!

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