Introducing Portrait Retouching

Photo retouching in itself has a wide variety of applications. One of the most common ones is portrait retouching. As the name suggests, it is the art of using editing techniques to better enhance the content of a portrait and the various elements within it.

This mainly includes things like removing spots and stains from the skin, making the teeth whiter, changing the complexion of the skin and so on. There are plenty of standards that the person editing himself will have to take into consideration. However, the customer also has a say in these things, thus making the job a tad more complicated.

Luckily for you, we are willing to provide such a portrait retouching service to anyone willing to take it. Back in the old days, retouching was done with the help of paint but these days, anything is possible with a computer and the right kind of knowledge.

Photo Retouching Services – What You’ll Get from Us

As mentioned before, there are plenty of things that can be done to a portrait in order to make it look good. But what are the things that you will get from us in terms of services? We definitely take the customer instructions into consideration when doing the editing. But generally speaking, here are some things that we can provide:

  • Some general adjustments like improving light quality, brightening shadows, making better angles for the light, dimming them out etc.
  • Getting rid of unwanted things from the picture. After all, a portrait should concentrate solely on the subject matter of the picture. As such, everything else should take a back seat.
  • Correction of different color shades present in the photo. Also taken into consideration are things like contrast, hues, color compliments and things like that.
  • Change in the texture of the skin, its glow, adding sharpness to the hair, eyes and sometimes even the ornaments that the person may be wearing. This applies for the clothes as well (removing seams, wrinkles, spots and stuff like that)
  • Highlighting certain features of the person by adding more color or by changing certain elements to make it look good. Resizing certain elements also works wonders sometimes.
  • Other distractions in and around the portrait should be removed as well, so that the focus lies mainly on the actual painting and nothing else. The subject of the painting plays a huge role in deciding things like these.

In general, this is the kind of work we do when it comes to portraying retouching. If your needs seem to match any of the above services, feel free to use our services.

What is Portrait Headshot Retouching?

When it comes to portrait retouching, one of the most common type of services that we provide is called the headshot retouching service. You can probably guess from the name but if you cannot, it deals with portraits that contain the photo of your entire face.

Usually, it is only the face that exists in the entire portrait, hence the name Headshot. With some professional portrait editing, it is possible to make any kind of headshot look good. We have received some terrible looking headshots from customers in the past and yet, the final result is nothing less than amazing to say the least.

The idea is pretty much the same as before; do everything possible to keep the subject of the photo at the forefront at all times. In this case, the subject matter happens to be your face. And the objective is to enhance it by any means necessary without making it seem inorganic.

There are some ways of going about it:

  • Artificial makeup is the oldest technique in the book when it comes to editing headshots. These days, most cell phones have the required software to pull this off, so imagine what a professional can do with it.
  • Enhancing the features of your face which make you stand out is what the main concept is all about. All the editing is directed towards exactly that.
  • There are also provisions to remove pimples, dark spots and anything else that makes your skin look bad. Consider it an artificial ‘beautifier’.
  • The color of your skin may also be changed if you so desire. Obviously, there is a limit to how much can be done but the idea is there.

Overall Benefits of Our Services

If you want someone with skills for professional portrait photography editing, then ours is the service you are looking for. There are plenty of benefits to selecting our service overall so here are some of the things you should be expectant about.

Professional work being done on your photos by people who are experienced for years in this kind of work and who do it for a living. As such, results are guaranteed.

Ease of access is something we are proud of. All you need to do to get our service is to visit our website, upload the photo and send your instructions. Everything else is taken care of by us.

You will find a variety of different services at your disposal unlike any other similar service provider. As such, the flexibility of your editing options is wide and varied to say the least.

You will get your work as and when you want it, no questions asked. We prioritize deadlines and as such, we want to make sure that you get everything you need at the right times.

You will not have to lay a finger on the photo you want edited. All the work is done by us. As such, you will have time concentrate on something else, if you so desire.

Hopefully, you now understand the world of photo retouching a bit better than before. If there is a photo that you want retouched, make sure that you use our services. you will not regret it one bit. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but this is one that you should definitely try out.


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