Photoshop Helps Not Only To Edit Photos but Also To Create Images of Rocks and Metals

Photoshop is not only created to edit your photos or tweak the levels of the variations in the photographs to provide the best-looking image to your client. It is more related to creating more dynamic images from the resources and sources in the list provided in the application itself. One must be amazed to know the wonder treatments which Photoshop can provide its users with. With the help of all the required textures and settings, one can create almost anything which they want to.

3D rendering for a better-looking rock on Photoshop

You might be as well amazed to learn that we can use Photoshop to create and render various realistic looking 3D particles which would look almost the same to the human eye. In today’s lesson, we shall learn about how to create a 3D rock using Photoshop and how to make it look lifelike.

Steps to follow to create rock images

Step 1

Create a new RGB enable layer and then go to the channels section and isolate the channels from the red green and blue sections to provide a black-white tone to the image.

Step 2

Pressing D will allow you to reset the background and the foreground of your desired layer. Next for this option go to filters then to render and finally click on clouds.

Step 3

Switching back to the layer’s panel and keeping the grey stuck at 50%, press the Shift and delete buttons together on the keyboard to provide a more metallic like texture on to the layer.

Step 4

Going to filter and render and then effects, you can go for various trial and errors to get the best looking rock-like layer and set the colors like for example orange for a rock or grey etcetera. Selecting alpha 1 for textures helps the layer more to get a more professionally made rock image.

Step 5

Adjust the hue and saturation for getting the perfect looking rock image.

You have your rock ready!

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