Have Your Photographs Enhanced – Get Photo Color Correction Services From Genius Retouch!

Photo correction or photo editing can set a particular capture apart and improve its quality by several folds. With the accurate color correction in a photograph, one can easily distinguish between a professional and an amateur photographer. At Genius Retouch, we offer quick and seamless color correction services to enhance your captures.

Our experts assist busy photographers who need their photo color correction done overnight. It is understandable if professional photographers do not have adequate time to spend on adjusting white balance, retouching, contrasts and whatever other work a photograph might require. This is where photo color correction services from our portal come into play.

If you are a busy photographer it is simply impossible to spend hours behind the computer screen editing, correcting color palettes of the thousands of pictures you click on a daily basis. We at Genius Retouch can be of great help to ease the added pressure of editing and offer color correction services at your convenience.

Importance of photo color correction


Every photographer belonging to any genre of photography has a basic knowledge of the Photoshop tools. But that might not be enough to add the professional touch to a photograph. A skilled photo editor can easily transform an average click to something amazing. Rightly color corrected photos can change the entire appeal of a photo gallery.

Our specialists feature in offering these quick and easy photo color correction services that leave no room for complaints from the client’s end. Photo correction is necessary for whether it is for fine arts level photography or commercial level.

For instance, commercial photography is governed by certain set criteria when it comes to color corrected photos. The accuracy in color correction can be observed by comparing the final image with the raw copy of the image.

It must be known that color correction photography does not end with adjusting white balance or adding the correct shade of a specified color. It needs a lot more work than just to remove the minute defects within a photograph.

Our professionals consider the smallest areas of a photograph that requires improvement to provide that perfect frame. This includes steps like:

  • Most outdoor photographs like wedding photographs require heavy contrast and exposure adjustment.
  • Adding vibrancy to pictures and modulation of temperature.
  • Improving sharpness of a photograph and adding clarity to it is an unavoidable step in color correction photography.
  • Frame by frame analysis of photographs to identify defects and offer proficient results.
  • Light adjustments play a major role in creating a color corrected photo. Proper placement of light and involvement of shadows can do wonders when it comes to enhancing an otherwise dull snap.
  • We play around with the most recent techniques of color correction to offer a photograph of improved quality.
High-end retouching

Color correction is a mandatory step that needs to be ensured to present a picture. Our experts make it a point to consider that they do not go over the top with their editing tools and that the photographs retain their originality.

It is important to restore a certain degree of authenticity in a snap while improvising on its features and that is what sets the professional artists in our firm from the others.

Photo color corrections services and their features

Color correction and light adjustment are two inter-related and fundamental issues with photographs. A photograph with accurate color correction and light placement can fail to deliver its message. This is why our experts offer best-in-class photo color correction services and provide an instant turnaround in your photographs.

Services we promise

Availing our services is extremely simple. You can simply log in to our website and register your service requests, offer us the link to your photographs and get in touch with your experts.

We always leave room for improvements and this is why every suggestion and special instructions from our clients are highly appreciated.

Our services are priced at very economical rates for both established and upcoming photographers to afford.

We have convenient payment options to choose from that include PayPal and other highly secured payment gateways.

We maintain complete discrepancy when it comes to the privacy of your photographs. So do not worry because your valuable captures are in safe hands.

Clients can easily download their edited pictures from our portal and suggest and further improvements.

So if you are willing to add that professional dimensions to your pictures, call for our color correction services right away. Moreover, we also feature in assisting photographers from the advertising and fashion industries. So get in touch with our service providers at the earliest.


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