Genius Retouch Introduces Clipping Path Services for Your Ultimate Photographic Solutions

Online and offline marketing material are in huge demand in many organisations like real estate, photography, e-commerce, travel, and various other sectors. Due to this, there has been an increasing demand for perfect pictures that are flawless and of high quality that sparks an interest in the clients. Now, here comes the role of photo clipping services which will help you in refining your photographs by removing all the defects from it. This, in turn, will help you in building brand reputation and image. Our company Genius Retouch is that outsourcing partner who will assist you in getting the flawless photographs that you have been dreaming for so long.

Our clipping path services help in refining photos that are free them from defects and leave an impression in the minds of your clients. However, this sort of photograph altering services robust knowledge on computers. Moreover, the infrastructure, resources and software require heavy investment thus outsourcing this will prove to be a good decision.

Image clipping services we offer


Genius Retouch offers you the best services for fixing a variety of shots. If you want a specific area of your shots to be fixed, we can do it for you adeptly. The resultant image then can be used for various purposes like publicity, building brand reputation, etc. Apart from that, we also offer clear photo cutting service which you can use for website and other marketing material.

The superfast delivery of our services is another factor which has made distinguished. We ensure you the service as quickly as possible which generally takes 18-24 hours for image clipping. The lists of services we provide are:

Real estate Image Clipping

Our real estate image editing offers best-in-class image. We make sure to make your real estate photos look professional so that they look better when they are published. Moreover, we have a team of professionals who edit and clip your pictures to provide the best experience.

Food image editing and clipping

Our clipping path company offers food image editing and clipping services so that you can get high quality food pictures which look fresh and sumptuous. Many times a dull background can make your photo look dull, so we provide fantastic editing services which will make it look absolutely delectable.

Jewellery retouching and editing

Jewellery images must look expensive. Our team of professional editors capture every intricate carving on the jewellery which will make it look more appealing when it is displayed. Moreover, we change the image background so that the viewers can pay attention to the subject, i.e. the jewellery.

Furniture photos clipping

Often, it becomes hard to capture the perfect picture of furniture while keeping the entire focus on it. Our skilful team members will clip the images and make them look appealing. Moreover, we have special knowledge of Photoshop with which we will change the colour of your background so that the focus remains on the subject.

Automobile image editing

We are adept at handling any types of automobile photos and ensure that they look realistic. We also highlight the attractive features of the parts to make it more appealing to the buyers.

Fashion photography clipping and editing

We cover fashion photography editing and make the photos look intriguing and attractive. We also ensure the apparels are focused on so that your customers can have a better idea about them.

Product image clipping

Genius retouch also provides clipping path service to make the product photo more interesting.

Image clipping process we follow

At Genius Retouch we follow a comprehensive method of photo clipping with to make the photos look fancier and professional. Our steps include:

  1. Collecting the primary images
  2. Sort out the pictures that need clipping
  3. Image Clipping
  4. Quality check of the clipping
  5. Delivery of the final image

Why choose Genius Retouch for Photo clipping?


Genius Retouch has served numerous clients which have earned us the reputation of the best service providers in the industry. Some of the reasons which have made us stand out in this niche are:

  • High quality
  • Affordability
  • Super-fast delivery
  • Experienced and talented professionals
  • Data Security

Hence, approach us today for we can be the most trusted outsourcing partner of your business.


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    Tony J
    Tony J Photographer
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    Manuel Bifari
    Manuel Bifari Photographer
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    Enviado Pacho
    Enviado Pacho Photographer
  • What can I say...well, let me start by saying their VERY affordable and courteous on the turn around time. I’ve used them for a few months now and haven’t been disappointed at all! Sometimes, I’ve even asked for a very brief turn around and they’ve ALWAYS delivered accordingly!!!

    Ty Williams
    Ty Williams Photographer
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    Eryk Gross
    Eryk Gross Photographer