How to Outline Texts in Photoshop without Hassle

With the advancement in photography and editing, people take it seriously when it comes to editing pictures before posting them on the internet.

Photoshop is the way to go as it offers various perks which even professionals enjoy.

Hence, through this article, you will understand how to outline text in photoshop without any hassle. There are a few specific steps involved in this which are below.

Step 1

Step one is beginning with the easy stuff. Having blank layers with just a word or two is ideal. Also, shapes can be included if you want.

Step 2

Right click on layer name which is there in the layer palette and chooses rasterize layer. Then Cmd/Ctrl click on layer’s thumbnail and select whichever type you require.

Step 3

To create a blank layer, you need to edit>stroke and add pixel stroke according to your requirement. Click ok after making location center.
Then, Cmd/Ctrl click on layer’s thumbnail and choose a new stroke.

Step 4

In this step, you require turning off the bottom layer in layer palette which will make outline visible. Utilizing the gradient tool (linear background and foreground¬) select gradient which you want to apply.

Simply apply this stroke again at pixel 1 and set it outside. Make sure you these follow steps adequately for the ultimate outline text photoshop.

Step 5

For metal looking gradient use curves trick. Image>adjust>curve is just an example. This example helps in understanding how to outline text in photoshop with metal gradient look.

Step 6

Now display bottom layer and fill gradient or color for the ideal result. Also, for extra depth, you can apply to outline layer style using a drop shadow for excellent outline text in photoshop.

Step 7

To have a different variation, you can hide the image’s fill and use the outline with just drop shadow.

Following these steps will help you to understand how to outline text in photoshop. After practicing for a bit, you can do any designs you like in different pictures and setting for a remarkable outcome.

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