Get Professional Looking Background Blurs Done Right On Photoshop! See How It’s Done

Photoshop has become the epitome of the modern day photo editing tool. Starting from the easiest to the toughest photo editing courses, Photoshop is very much preferred over the other photo editing applications which are available in the market.

The reason for choosing so is pretty simple. Photoshop provides the photographers and editors with loads of options to choose from. It is versatile and very much user-friendly in terms of usability and compatibility. Providing various output methods and saving options in the cache of the application, it helps a person to come back to the same position from where he or she left and start editing again.

Getting the perfect background blur is not a problem anymore

Nowadays, the trend of achieving the super realistic but beautiful background blur is in. it has been through in the market since a very long time but in recent years, the demand for a more professional background blurs has made this topic go viral. Everyone wants to know as to how one can achieve professional looking background blurs in Photoshop, well, here you are to learn and prosper with your skills in Photoshop. Let us learn how you can create amazing looking blurs in this photo editing application.

Follow the steps to get a detailed preview as for how to blur your images

Step 1

Take your preferred image and open it on a new layer in the active window of Photoshop. Select and cut out your subject from the frame. Over select your photo and then slowly deselect the unwanted areas using the Alt or option key in windows and Mac respectively.

Step 2

Got to select and then click on the mask. Choose the tool which imitates the look of a brush and then highlight the edge portions of the hair and fine tune the edges to minutely capture and mask each strand of hair or other details which requires precision and accuracy. You can turn on to show edges which lets you see through the parts which got missed while selecting your subject, you can now select them and click on “new layer with layer mask” to create a new layer with a mask on.

Step 3

Choose the background once you have hidden your subject by clicking on the “eye” next on the layer of the subject. Select the background using the new layer mask of the original photo which you just selected and masked.

Step 4

After choosing the layer mask, select delete form keyboard. A pop-up window will appear which will show the various options to choose from. Select “content aware” in order to fill the deleted subject layer with organized automated picture reformation algorithms. Now having the background automatically place in the place of the subject, the subject now will not be affected in any way.

Step 5

No, we are going to modify and expand the image for a better blurry background. For this, it is required that we go to the “select” option and then go to modify and then tap on expand. Enabling this method, it allows the editors to set and expand the selected background to a specific value per say 10 pixels which allows them to handle the background blur of the subject. Once the preferred value is set by the editor, he or she can click on okay and then proceed with the filling od the content aware portion with the subject itself.

Step 6go to content aware options and click ok and then deselect the same using the Ctrl+D or Command+D in windows and Mac respectively to deselect the layer.

Step 7

Click on the filter button on the top and from the drop-down list select “blur gallery” and then “field gallery”. Here, field actually stands for the depth of field effect which renders the background blur in the whole process.

Step 8

Finding the various pins available on the list. Selecting the different areas on the image with the help of these pins lets the application decide where the user wants to actually blur and where he or she does not. Hence, applying such kind of techniques and tweaking the same helps you to get the perfect background with the depth of field effect in no time. When everything is done, click on OK and then you can get your background blur done.

Get your final image ready

Now you can Shift+Click on the image to get a preview of the before and after images and get the perfect looking professional background blur on to your photograph in no time.

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