Get an Insight into Images’ Bokeh Background Blur in Photoshop

In photo editing having a blurred background is a trend which has risen and spread its popularity throughout the world.

Hence, you need to be aware of the procedure to have bokeh background for the ideal background blur for a picture.

This blur background many professionals achieve it by using an expensive camera and gears. However, if you don’t own an excellent DSLR or have a photograph which you want to use for blurring, then bokeh photoshop steps below will help.

Cutting subject

Every photo has a subject!

Hence, the first step is to cut the subject from the image by using the Quick Select Tool. By grabbing this tool, you have to move it over areas where you need to cut the subject from the picture.

For example, let’s say you want to cut a picture of yourself. Then using this tool, you cut the outline of your image from the photograph before having a bokeh background.

Also, to remove the cutting, you hold option or Alt key.

Checking selection

Your cutting might look amazing to you, but always check it through my selection. Press Q to see it in Quick Mask for having an ideal cutout for bokeh photoshop. This way you can check the areas which you might have left mistakenly.

If you are satisfied with the cutting, then hit Q for closing Quick Mask.

Choosing a layer mask

Here, you need first to pick a mask. You can also give your image some radiance and also clean it for having a better look.

With layer mask choice you can choose a new layer!

Having the ideal cut out

The above steps will lead you to have a perfect cutting before leading to an ideal bokeh background.

However, when people opt for the simple blurring of the background, around edges, it looks fringing. It seems like double or halo effect.

The next step deals with this issue and shows you how to get rid of it.

Creating the ultimate background

To eliminate the fringing issue, you use the photograph’s background as an active layer. Click Ctrl on layer mask for making a selection that is ideal for photoshop bokeh.

You need to pick Modify, Select, and then expand it by just 1 pixel. Then, opt for Select, Change/Modify, and also feather 1 pixel of it.

This will help you to create a soft edge which would be a better option than just having hard edges for bokeh background.

Using Content-Aware

In this step, utilizing Content-Aware Fill comes into play. You should hide the picture’s top layer for understanding clearing what is going on here.

If you are Windows user, then press Shift+Backspace and if using Mac then hit Shift+Delete for opening dialogue box. From here you can choose Content Aware and push ok which will take you closer to finished photoshop bokeh product.

This will provide you with a ghosting effect but ensure that colors don’t bleed around the image’s edges when you blur it when applying the alter steps.

Activating top layer and make Bokeh blur

After Content Aware turn on the top layer and you are almost towards the finished product.

Now to create a soft blurry background, you need to enhance bokeh which comes from a camera’s lens. It provides an alluring setting for the background.

However, this is not all; it also gives the notion to an observer of the picture that it was shot with an expensive DSLR camera.

To get this perfect bokeh background effect on the image, you need to first select the background portion and pick Filter. From here you can get to Blur Gallery and then to Field Blur from there.

You need to create depth in Field Blur. You can increase the field effect’s depth by applying or increasing two points.

It requires for you to experiment to get the correct photoshop bokeh effect on the picture. For example, if you increase the blur to 15, it will produce an outstanding blur effect.

You need to do this in Photoshop. If your Photoshop is not CS6 and you have an earlier version then merely use lens Blur from Blur Gallery which will provide you with the same outcome.

Getting the Bokeh effect

Use Light Bokeh and slowly increase it until you get some Bokeh effect. After a specific time, you will notice the photoshop bokeh effect, but it won’t be clean.

You can play with Light Range, and you clamp it by applying the white triangle. Try the black and get these two on one another’s top for achieving the effect you are opting.

Increasing blur and more

You need to increase blur at this point and doing so; it transforms round disks’ size.

This is where you need to play with Blur, Light Bokeh and Light Range to get the results you desire.

Bringing the bokeh background effect to a picture is easy, but to make it look astounding, you need to practice a lot.

So, start it today!

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