Creating New Layers of Wood Made Super Easy With Photoshop Tutorials

In recent years, the applications and usage of Photoshop have increased substantially. The number of works which are done on Photoshop is also increasing day and day. It is true to say now that the market is dependent on Photoshop. This application provides the users with a wide range of options which can be used and manipulated in order to create something new and better which would provide a better outcome in the end.

Versatility at its best

However, being versatile, this application requires a lot of skills and knowledge in order to do some of the most extensive work on such kind of photo editing and also photo making an app. Today we shall learn about how to create a wood texture in Photoshop using nothing but manipulating the various tools provided inside the software.

Step 1

It is very important in the initial stage to create a new layer with a possible white background. This created layer will become the base of our wood texture.

Step 2

Photoshop is well equipped with all kinds of necessary image making and processing algorithms which helps us to create images. Select filter, then select render and then go for fibers. Here you shall be provided with all the kind of textures. The adjustment handles for the variance and strength help you determine the strength of the wood texture.

Step 3

Choose whether you want the image to be horizontal or vertical by choosing the rotation option from image canvas.

Step 4

In order to provide knots on to the texture and make it look more real to the eyes, select two or more areas using the marquee tool.

Step 5

Blend in the pixels to make it look more realistic. Choose 30pixels size from the select menu and then selecting modify selection and then finally setting up the feather options. Create a distortion effect to provide a twirl effect which shall provide the wood texture with a touch of realism.

Sharpen the overall image and then you are good to proceed and make use of your newly created wooden template design.

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