Best Camera for Amateur Photographers

Photography is an art which is liked by numerous individuals from around the world. People do photography of numerous things which they observe in their day to day life around the world or even some of them go for professional photography. All these photos require professional touch from an expert photographer which can substantially improve its appeal to the viewers.

Many parameters affect the way you take the photos or the way photos appear after they are captured. It will require having proper knowledge about the technicalities affecting the capturing of the photo. Even it is important that you select the right model of the camera which can provide you with the required specifications to get the best image possible.

Photography is a hobby of several people which can later be converted into the passion and career based on the way you can penetrate the market. This will help you to try out new and creative ways by which you can gather a larger audience base for the images which you capture.

Think out what functions you need

The primary thing which needs to be worked out initially will include the kind of images which you will be capturing. Based on the images it will include identifying the resolution and focus which will be required in those images. This will ultimately influence the viewers of your images and finally how much target audience you can gather from your images captured.

Even you can think whether there is a requirement of some of the special operations to be performed. It will include taking photos in a low light area or at the places where there is extreme contrast. All these features will influence your selection of the right kind of camera for your operation of taking the images.

Good Cameras for beginners

It is required that you make a right choice of your camera based on your required need. It will affect the quality of the images which you take and ultimately help you to gather the targeted audience. Based on your requirement we have made an extensive list of best camera models which you can try out for your task.

Canon T6i

This camera is considered as the best choice for the beginners. It will prove to be the best choice for the beginners who are trying to start their career in photography. The camera is having a crop sensor with a resolution of around 24 megapixels which can shoot the photos at the rate of 5 frames per second. It provides more megapixel than its predecessor model T5i (24.2 vs 18) and has twice as many as the autofocus point in the model.


Nikon D3300

It is having the capability to give a tough competition to the Canon T6i in terms of the price. In addition to the price, it will provide an amazing resolution of 24 megapixels and will be having a burst rate of 5 frames per second. The camera is having the capability of recording 1080p video at the rate of 60 fps which can prove to be a good choice even for videographers too.



Sony a58

The camera is having a resolution of 20.1megapixels and having a crop sensor DSLR. It was released during the year of 2013 and can be considered as a good option for photographers who are willing to have an alternative option to Canon and Nikon. This camera is having the capability to shoot a video of the resolution of 1080p which can be done at the rate of 30 fps. As it is lacking in terms of having an articulated screen it is highly preferred for those who are more interested in doing photography as compared to videography.


Fuji X-T10

If you are quite an adventurer in trying out new ways with photography then this camera is the right option for you. It will provide you with an amazing range of features with the tiny size of the camera. This camera was released during the period of 2015 and is having a resolution of 16.3 megapixels with a mirrorless camera. The camera will provide you with a burst rate of about 5 frames per second and its video getting recorded at a resolution of 1080p. This camera is also having a tilting screen and is not a fully articulated one. It will ultimately make it a lesser than an ideal option for the ones who are willing to take the video with this camera. One will find this camera as the best option if you are willing to use a small camera which is having mastery over the photography.


Nikon D5500

This camera will provide you with an amazing option if someone is trying to have more features than the lower level models available. One can remain away from the full frame camera ranges available which are expensive by selecting this option. The resolution of this camera is 24.2 megapixel with a burst rate of about 5 fps. It is having a capability to shoot a 1080p video and is having an amazing 39 point autofocus system. A camera is consisting of 3.2”swiveling LCD touch screen which can make the camera to even work well when we are shooting the video.


How to save on Camera Purchase?

This is the most common question which runs in the mind of a photographer of saving around 10 to 50% over the purchase of their camera. One should keep in mind while purchasing that you should never buy a used camera. It is required as even a skilled expert can’t identify the possible error in the camera over a period which might arise.

When you are willing to purchase the camera always get a new one with a warranty card. You should also take care that never buys the latest version of the camera as it will only have few additional features with almost same image quality with substantially higher price. So, it is recommended that you don’t buy the latest model but the earlier one to get almost the same functionality at a reduced price.


Thus, we can say that one can try out their passion for photography by selecting the camera which best meets their needs. It will require first identifying the needs which can help you to capture the best image and then purchasing the corresponding camera to take the respective photos. This will ultimately help you to capture a larger audience base who likes your photos.

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